What’s so great about thinking positively anyway?

Oh Yeah!

Research shows that a ‘happy person’ functions at a much higher level than when the same person is unhappy, (the research is conclusive – here’s just one study):


According to research by Shawn Anchor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”:

  • Happiness causes success and is not simply the result of it.
  • If we hinge our happiness upon achievement, our definition of success changes and happiness remains elusive.
  • Every single business outcome improves when the brain is set to ‘positive’ instead of ‘negative’, ‘neutral’ or ‘stressed’.
  • Workers who feel appreciated by their employers improve their productivity by 30%
  • 75% of success comes from “Optimism Levels” and the ability to see stress as a challenge and not as a threat.

The stories we tell ourselves

How do we become a more positive version of ourselves? One way is to improve our self-talk. We tend to believe what we repeatedly tell ourselves. People who view themselves as rational usually act rationally. People, who see themselves as stressed and overwhelmed, usually seem to be just that. It’s important to remember that we are the author of our own story. We may not be in complete control of our circumstances, yet we have a tremendous influence on how we react to them. One way to affect our mindset is to actively ask better questions. Consider the following questions:

“Why do these problems always happen to me?” verses “What can I learn from this so that I can avoid this in the future?” These questions generate much different answers and subsequently a much different self-talk. Solution based questions are a great way to focus the mind to where we want it to be.

So to sum it all up, better questions are a good way to find solutions which lead to a better state of mind. Happy people are more productive and effective and as a result more successful, not the other way around. What better questions can you come up with? Hmmm. Good Question.


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