A sample of “Building Powerful Teams”

Here is an excerpt of Greg Viner’s sold out “Survive & Thrive” series. In this clip from “Building Powerful Teams”, Greg discusses some ideas about why engaged workers become unmotivated.

Powerful Engaged Teams are crucial to Performance Management Systems

Performance Management System

If they plan the battle...they won't battle the plan!

We want to improve employee performance, but how? We know that we could be doing a better job…we think. Perhaps it’s time to consider  implementing a performance management system.

Success through Performance Management

One of the challenges that organizations are faced with today is implementing a Performance Management System. This is simply standardizing the best practices, ensuring that team members follow through and are supported where needed. The goal is to set the team up for success.

The problem that most teams face to achieve a performance management process is that often team leaders lack the tools to set standards and measures for the work that needs to be done, and for performance management – there is an easy outline to follow: [Read more...]

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