Survive & Thrive sessions sold out!

November has been a busy month! My friend John Clendenning and I partnered with The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and delivered a business improvement workshop series that we called “Survive & Thrive”. It was a glowing success. Each session was sold out. This reaffirms to me that there is a definite appetite for valuable business education among leaders today. From the GKWCC blog: “Another Sold Out Finish for Survive & Thrive!” [Read more...]

The $1000 bottle of water

Recently I was speaking to a group of secondary school students about planning their future. They were a typical bunch of 15 year olds; likely plans for the weekend vastly outweighed any career aspirations.  As we spoke about priorities and how they really felt about things, they shared with me that although they understood that career planning seemed like a good idea in theory, it seemed a bit premature to be thinking about in grade 10. After all, they had most of high school, then whatever post-secondary programs to wrangle with before it was time to even begin to worry about finding a job.

I asked them to give me some idea of what was really important to them. I clarified that I wanted real answers and not contrived ones from them. [Read more...]

Borrowing Concepts to reinforce Powerful Ideas!

What I learned from Robin Sharma…and what he learned from Richard Branson…

I just read this post by Robin Sharma, who recently interviewed Richard Branson. Richard Branson seems to make success look easy. I really appreciate his style. To me he always appears to be positive, and happy. I imagine that having billions of dollars at one’s disposal is a good start toward happiness, however I don’t get the same impression from other uber-successful public figues.

One of the principles that resonated for me the most was in the first point – Politeness Matters. I completely agree with Sir Richard’s Mother when she told him “what you’re seeing in others is really what you’re seeing in yourself. So look in the mirror.” I think it’s good to remember that.


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