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You see what you’re looking for.

Recently I was running through the house in an insane frenzy, looking for my wallet. I searched all of the usual places. On the coffee table, in the kitchen, family room, dining room and even the bathroom!  The hunt was furious and intense. Eventually I found it in on my bedroom dresser. Exhaling a sigh of relief, I felt my pants pockets and realized that I was missing my car keys as well. “Oh I just saw those.” I thought. “Where did I see them?” I asked myself.  Strangely, I could actually picture the image of my keys sitting somewhere in my house yet I couldn’t recall where they were. The fact is that their location didn’t register with me because I saw them while I was looking for something else.  In other words, I’d told my brain that I was looking for my wallet so it didn’t alert me when I saw the keys. Although I could remember seeing the keys, their image was just more data to be filtered. [Read more...]

The Blog begins!

Just setting up the blog today…once this tech stuff is out of the way – look for some great content here!

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