The ELDC Group delivers the finest productivity programs available. Our programs offer both proven effectiveness along with flexibility to meet individual needs. Our program facilitators are fully certified by The Achievement Centre, leaders in professional development.

Our programs fall into three main categories.

Sales & Business Development

Meet and exceed revenue goals. Develop a skilled sales force with a team of sales professionals who are meeting targets, who are consultative salespeople who build trust with their clients. They have sufficient levels of activity to generate the sales volume that you’re looking for; they have enough common sense to be able to go after profitable business rather than simply getting volume.

Leadership Development & Team Building

Create an environment that helps you to get the most from your team’s talents and abilities. Develop managers into effective leaders by “coaching for success” rather than “policing for failure”. As this transformation occurs, members of the organization take ownership of their responsibilities. Imagine your customer’s reaction to your committed and empowered team. Team building does more than just create a pleasant work environment, it directly affects productivity. It is amazing how much well- informed motivated employees can help manage costs and increase profits.

Help your people produce outstanding results with the highest level of commitment to success.

Strategic & Succession Planning, Organizational Development

A compelling vision is the hallmark of high performing organizations. When an organizational vision is in place, the team may focus on what is important, and a positive culture develops. This clear focus drives desired business results.

Have clear expectations that are articulated to every employee. Clearly, if employees know what is expected of them and they are provided with objective feedback, it increases their ability to be effective employees and perform at a higher level.

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