“With your help, Bryan’s Fuel has turned the corner, both in strategic thinking as well as employee motivation. Your honest, realistic approach to addressing issues, faced by virtually all organizations from time to time, helped us assess our company structure, employee morale and market direction and provided a framework to make positive changes, the impact of which, are still being realized.”Bryan’s Fuel

“Greg was able to redefine the benchmark of success within our organization. In my twenty years in this industry, I have never worked with anyone as talented at communicating and teaching groups of people in a presentation or workshop format. Greg has the innate ability to understand how to bring his audience to the level of understanding that he needs them to be. His presentations are always interesting; I found that even if I were to see multiple presentations in one day, it was always different and engaging.”

“Greg’s greatest talent seems to be the way he’s able to take information that is available and present it in a different light. I feel strongly that any audience that has the occasion to participate in a workshop or presentation that Greg facilitates will really appreciate the experience.” April 2007

“Having had the pleasure to work with Greg in a professional business setting, I can affirm Greg’s innate ability to problem solve sales and marketing issues and work with management to develop a strategic business plan that maximizes an organization’s ROI. In addition, Greg’s sales, marketing and business development experience, in conjunction with his excellent professional development skills will be invaluable in helping your business or organization succeed.” July 13, 2008

Great Results, Good Value, Creative. “Greg has many highly developed skills — as a communicator –a motivator –a manager –and especially as a public speaker. Two other important attributes he brings to a work place are a good sense of humor and a depth of knowledge [he is very well read]. Perhaps most important Greg is always prepared to commit himself to any project above and beyond the call of duty and bring value to an employer.” July 30, 2008

“For over 32 years, I had an opportunity to work with many gifted speakers, as that was the nature of that particular business. Greg was not only (hands down) the best that I have ever worked with, but he was instrumental in a much needed change to the way that we approached the seminars. I found him to be a great motivator and idea man. I felt that he was able to keep the school alive and viable in very difficult times and helped many to keep their jobs by introducing innovative ideas.” July 11, 2008

“Greg Viner has a way of making the most complex situations or concepts seem simple. His clever anecdotes, knowledge and experience make him a sought after public speaker and business consultant. Greg is also an outstanding leader and manager, as he can keep his colleagues and friends driven towards their common goals.” July 11, 2008

“Working with Greg was remarkable because it’s very rare nowadays to meet someone who is as involved with their duties and responsibilities as Greg is. He takes everything he does very seriously and passionately. Greg was a noteworthy mentor (and hopefully will remain to be!), having taught fundamental lessons such as features vs. benefits as well as many lessons on a higher level, such as the life cycle of a successful employee in a growing organization. Greg’s accolades include his excellent presentation skills, exceptional communication skills and above his fortified ability to explain an idea to his audience, and get them to understand his ideals. I would highly recommend spending even 5 minutes of your time with Greg Viner, to quickly see how his knowledge can be asset to your operations.” July 22, 2008

Testimonials for ELDC

“I’ve been to many events that get you excited, then wither away when you return to the real world… this workshop gave me some instant ‘take aways’ that I already use both with my colleagues and my students!”

“In my department we started using the techniques to communicate more effectively the same day.”

“Amazingly simple yet powerful. Fantastic.”

“All educators should participate. What a great use of our professional development time.”

“I was concerned at first about another PD day… am I ever glad that I attended.”

“Without any element of flattery, I would like to say that your presentation was very successful. The topic is relevant and the content addressed pertinent issues. You scratched where it itches.”

“I shared some of the concepts with my class the next day. They loved it.”

“Isn’t all education about character building not content? This material helps people to improve their character.”

“Best PD session that I’ve ever attended!!”

“We as educators have a mandate to develop character education and anti-bullying practices. Leadership is required. All of this starts with the teachers. This material improves the skill sets of the teachers, who can then be true leaders.”

“I feel that this workshop can be used at home as well as at work. Anyone who is a coach or wants to be one will benefit immensely.”

“This presentation was a great way to encourage empowerment.”

“Almost too many good ideas. It would be great to revisit this on occasion.”

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