The Team

Our team is made up of three dynamic individuals:

Greg Viner

Greg Viner is a motivator and a leader.

Greg has delivered over two thousand workshops to various audiences on recognizing current trends and using non-linear thinking.

Greg helps people to develop unconventional but practical solutions to complex problems. His talent is the way that he’s able to take information that is readily available to anyone and present it in a different light, creating a ‘eureka effect’ with the audience.

Working in sales and marketing for over twenty years, Greg found that he has a talent for painting verbal pictures to bring clarity to issues of how people behave.

His entertaining and educational workshop ‘Leadership and Teamwork: The Expert Model’ is an examination of conventional management styles and how to optimize the performance of a group using their own talents and abilities in a modern way.

Jane Lasko

Jane Lasko has been an educator/trainer for over 30 years. After completing her studies at University of Toronto, Jane began her career as a school teacher with The Peel Board of Education. The skill sets that she developed were invaluable as she translated her business sense and understanding of inter-personal communications into a sales position and then eventually Director of Sales and Marketing for a successful manufacturing company in Southwestern Ontario.

Jane’s keen sense of marketing and strong educational background revealed a true entrepreneurial flare when she recognized a strong market niche for educational supplement modules for the corporate world. In 1994, she created ELDC. It was a tremendous success. Very soon her client list included leading companies such as American Express, The Toronto Stock Exchange, Zurich Canada and Mastercard.

When Jane is not developing and delivering programs she enjoys riding and training her own horses using natural horsemanship techniques. She strives to be ecologically sensitive and her 30-acre property is powered by a variety of green energy sources including geo thermal, wind and solar power.

Bob Tkach

Bob Tkach has brought clarity and learning to thousands of students over three decades.

Upon completing his degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Bob began his career with Stelco in 1975. It was there that he wrote and delivered a training manual about metallurgical theory. Bob discovered that he had a gift for communicating ideas and difficult concepts. His teaching career followed shortly after.

Bob’s enthusiasm is infectious. He has such a positive attitude that he raises the effectiveness of others automatically. While heading departments and managing a successful teaching career Bob did not limit his entrepreneurial appetites. In 1982, Bob started ‘Seasons Cosmetics’, the original ‘colours’ make-up concept in Canada. His organization grew to over 1000 sales professionals and Bob traveled across Canada training and motivating his team; all while maintaining his teaching duties.

In 1991, Bob and his wife Michelle recognized another opportunity to create and sell specialty chocolate and caramel-covered apples as corporate gifts. A new business, ‘The Tree-mendous Apple Company Inc”. was born and still produces tens of thousands of apples annually. In 2008, Bob retired from the Peel Board of Education after 33 years of service.

Bob has three daughters and is an avid, ever-improving golf fanatic.

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