Developing Excellence

“Why is it that sometimes we fail to do the things that we know we should do…and other times we do things that we know we shouldn’t?”

Developing Excellence is an engaging and fun conversation that provides insights into the fact that knowledge is not enough.

The session is designed to improve perspective and provide better tools for both personal and professional development. This is not a presentation on ‘positive thinking’. It is an exercise to help participants to understand powerful concepts on using emotions as tools to more consistently make more productive decisions.


  • Insight into how our conscious and sub-conscious mind work.
  • Instantly improve our approach to stressful situations.
  • A simple model to apply to ensure follow through
  • A different approach to goal setting
  • Resources vs. resourcefulness

Communicating for Results

Individuals are happier and more effective when they are able to relate well with their colleagues. Developing “people skills” is essential to improving our relationships with both co-workers and friends. This workshop is a simple and sensible approach to improving our people skills.

The principles addressed are useful for anyone who is interested in becoming a more effective leader, colleague, coach, parent, spouse or partner.


  • · Ideas on how to give and receive feedback
  • · Anger management 101
  • · Re-programming bullies
  • · Coach for success vs. police for failure
  • · Dealing with people who think differently than you do.

Teamwork: The Expert Model

Few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him. —Booker T. Washington

  • What perspective does the expert have that others don’t?
  • How can better ideas be welcomed instead of resisted?
  • Why do certain groups flounder while others thrive?
  • How do high-performing organizations overcome inertia and unlock the potential that they have?

Teamwork: The Expert Model is a workshop designed to deal with multiple challenges many organizations face as corporate cultures develop and change. Delivered in a sensible, engaging format that is easily understood, the psychology of individual and organizational behaviours is examined in a way that participants enjoy relating to.

Teamwork: The Expert Model replaces a negative culture with one of trust, honesty and mutual respect. The workshop breaks down silos between departments and individuals by providing a unique modern approach to introducing benefits of social interaction, leadership, and recognizing what we like about our team members. Team members may then focus on the dynamics that drive performance instead of politics.

High-performing organizations recognize that these values are the reason for their success, not simply ‘a nice concept… if there’s time’.


Teamwork: The Strategy

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. —William Arthur Ward

Corporate mission and vision statements are rapidly becoming more visible today. These concepts (of understanding a common objective) are extremely useful tools. However, they must be implemented to be useful. Unfortunately many organizations don’t revisit mission and vision statements after they have been created. Lack of follow up is the reason many organizations fail. This workshop will implement existing mission and vision by using the team to buy in to corporate objectives.

Building upon the concepts of ‘The Expert Model’, participants work using their new insights to create strategies to implement the goals and objectives that have been set by management. Concepts of team collaboration and improved inter-personal communication are used. The framework of a new plan to systematically enhance performance by determining primary focus of activities, competency and team efficiency is developed. This is the practical application of real change.

The focus is to bring the group to a consensus on what they think, what roles individuals assume and what is relevant to team success.

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